Overview: Grant Walker ceramics


Glazed stoneware

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Unglazed stoneware

Large bottles


Wall panels




I hugely enjoy working with clay to produce beautiful, individual pieces.Throwing on the wheel and hand-building are both extremely tactile, and fulfilling when a nondescript lump of clay metamorphoses into a pot.

Most of my work has been large, wheel-thrown, stoneware platters and bowls, both glazed and unglazed. I particularly like the unglazed pots as they exhibit the clay, its colours and differing textures which are otherwise hidden beneath the glaze.

But sculptural panels have always been an interest and, more recently, I have ventured into 3D sculpture and mixed media.

Before moving to the UK from Australia I had several joint shows with Greg Hyde, a well-known Sydney artist. I then taught adults at Chipstead Craft Studio in Kent for several years and now work from a purpose-built studio in the New Forest near Salisbury.

Shortly before the move to Salisbury I was gifted a kiln large enough to allow me to dramatically increase the size of my pots and so I can now produce large amphorae and sculptural pieces such as the wyvern finial.

My work is available through Open Studios and by commission.

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